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Neighbors say...

"Yay, FPF! My little red kayak came back... and I also got a wonderful boost in my faith in the goodness of people. FPF is a great service, and yes, I am now going to donate to help support it."
Mollie Matteson, Richmond, VT

"What did we ever do before FPF? I can't remember! What a great way to communicate with our neighbors. From lawn sales to lost pets to meetings, or just your opinion - it's all there."
Denise Wheeler, Calais, VT

"FPF is the best thing to happen in Vermont to encourage conversation and interaction amongst neighbors. I have posted several shout-outs and was overwhelmed with the response each time (100 people the first day of my sale. YIKES!)  Best of all are the enthusiastic gardeners I met and wonderful new friends I made! FPF is my go-to spot for getting the word out on ANYTHING!"
Lynette Courtney, Greensboro, VT

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