Recognition and Awards for FPF

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation approached FPF and awarded grant to study FPF's social impact, 2016.
  • Old House Journal featured FPF, 2016
  • FPF co-founder nominated for Burlington Free Press Vermonter of the Year, 2015.
  • NPR's All Things Considered shared FPF's story with a receptive national audience, 2015.
  • TechPresident covered FPF's community-building success, 2015.
  • Vermont town meetings and nonprofits benefit from FPF value, 2014.
  • Associated Press covered FPF's expansion across Vermont, 2013.
  • Vermont Digital Economy Project and U.S. Economic Development Administration selected FPF in competitive bid to build resiliency in every Vermont town, 2012.
  • NPR's State of the Re:Union featured Front Porch Forum in their national show about online communities, 2012.
  • The Block by Block Community News Summit featured Front Porch Forum as a model for community engagement, 2011.
  • The Knight Foundation selected FPF as one of its dozen 2010 Knight News Challenge award winners from a field of 2,400, 2010.
  • Case Foundation selected FPF out of 5,000 entrants for its Make It Your Own Award, aimed at promoting participatory democracy, 2010 and 2008.
  • Cringley’s (NOT in Silicon Valley) Startup Tour selected FPF as one of it winners, 2010.
  • NTIA granted federal stimulus funds to FPF for expansion to 24 towns as part of e-Vermont, 2010.
  • Vermont Legislature honored FPF with HCR235, 2010.
  • Best-selling author Bill McKibben featured FPF in his new book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet (excerpt here), 2010.
  • Next American City featured FPF in Open Cities: New Media’s Role in Shaping Urban Policy, 2010.
  • USDA featured FPF at Northeast Rural Summit, 2010.
  • Burlington Free Press named FPF co-founder one of five “Vermonters who know how to get things done” for the first decade of the 21st century, 2009.
  • Rural Telecom Congress gave FPF National RTC Champion Award and People’s Choice Innovation Award, 2008.
  • PBS MediaShift named FPF one of three national “great experiments around local news,” 2008.
  • Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy featured FPF at inaugural meeting, 2008.
  • American Press Institute featured FPF in Leading the Weekly and Community Newsroom: Connecting Neighborhoods Online, 2008.
  • Orton Family Foundation and PlaceMatters gave FPF their national Innovator in Place Award, 2007.
  • Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and Sunlight Foundation featured FPF as local online innovation at conference, 2007.
  • Personal Democracy Forum featured FPF as a local democracy tool, 2007.
  • National Night Out gave FPF an annual neighborhood watch Community Appreciation Award from South Burlington, VT, 2007.
  • City of Burlington gave FPF annual Neighborhood Leadership Awards, 2007 and 2001.
  • Cottage Living Magazine named FPF flagship area a “top ten” neighborhood in the United States, 2006.

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