Group Counselling for Anxiety

Past event
Mar 27, 2023, 12 PM

Anxiety can take away our freedom and make us feel stuck. Sometimes it feels like the harder we fight to control anxiety, the more it controls us. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a proven way to treat anxiety by helping us get out of our heads and into our lives.

The ACT for Anxiety group at Lamoille Health Partners is a place where people struggling with anxiety disorders can share, learn, and grow with other folks who understand what you're going through.

This group is for adults 18+ who struggle with anxiety, panic disorder, or OCD and are ready to push outside their comfort zone with a supportive group of fellow travelers. This group is ideal for folks who identify anxiety as their biggest challenge, though people who also struggle with other issues like depression and substance use disorder may also be included.

To learn more please call Lamoille Health Partners Behavioral Health and Wellness Center at (802) 888-8320.

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609 Washington Highway, Morristown, VT

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