HU Chant: the Sound of Soul, Tue 6/18 @7:00 PM (Zoom)

Past event
Jun 18, 2024, 7 to 8 PM

All are warmly invited to experience this online HU Chant. During challenging times, chanting HU can be a tool that can help us to find balance and navigate our lives in a positive way. HU is an ancient, sacred name for God that has been used throughout the ages to open lines of communication to the most sacred part of ourselves. HU acts as a tuning fork, aligning Soul with higher states of love, creativity, healing, and awareness.

At this HU Chant, you can see how you might use the HU to find your own inner guidance. You will be welcome to chant out loud or simply listen, whatever is right for you. The chants last about 20 minutes, followed by brief contemplative time and conversation with others of like heart.

To receive the Zoom link, please RSVP to or you can RSVP the event on Meetup with link:

All are welcome to this event hosted by Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, a spiritual teaching that offers simple spiritual exercises for people of all faiths, traditions, and walks of life to develop and deepen a conscious and practical relationship with spirit.

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