Garden Walk at Birdsong Acres in Cornwall

Past event
Jun 9, 2024, 10 AM to 2 PM

Come and enjoy seeing what you can do for bees, birds and wildlife with native plants, shrubs, trees and rewilding. We have 8 different gardens, on a hillside, bordered by woods and meadows. Originally planned and planted to offer food, nesting, habitat and cover from May through October, this is a haven for wildlife with crab apple and service berry fruit trees and a Elderberry Bower.

There are 6 bluebird boxes, with bluebirds and tree swallows nesting, and orioles who keep returning, year after year, weaving their wondrous dangling nests in a tall poplar. We've left dead trees standing for bird perches, and insects for feeding. It's also a great way for us to bird watch from inside! We've learned about the importance of dark skies and moist grassy areas for fireflies -now endangered- we're keeping our patch of dark sky, without outside lights, and shades drawn at night.

Learn about re-wilding lawn areas – it's easy and looks lovely! We're in Year 2 of this, and the tall grasses ripple in the wind, with many butterflies, moths and birds swooping around. There's an Edible Hedge, with native elderberries, black currants, and hazelnuts, along with swamp milkweed, willow, Burnet/meadow sweet, echinacea, rudbeckia lacinata, and blueberries.

These gardens are a work in progress, along with a Pollinator Garden, created with the lasagna method, and inspired by Pollinator Pathway NE to plant natives, remove invasives, without pesticides and reduce lawn. Birdsong Acres is one of the many PPAC gardens in Addison County.

I hope to see you, and hear about your plantings and ideas!

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