Shame + Showing Up Authentically Workshop

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Feb 11, 2024, 1 to 2:30 PM

Hi y'all!

Did you know:
"Shame is that part of ourselves that is constantly engineering ways to keep us small because deep down, we feel there is something wrong with us making us feel unworthy, unloveable, too much, not enough." 🛠️

Woof. That one stung.

Did ya also know that shame is reversible?!

oh, hi!

I'm Jess Vogelpohl- the Founder of Consciously Unbecoming, a brand with digital products, masterclasses, community events, workshops, group coaching and a podcast focused on rewiring the limiting beliefs stopping us from living the authentically aligned lives we yearn to live.

Consciously Unbecoming is a giant middle finger to the societal blueprint that was created for us. 🖕🏻

These standards and expectations to be a certain way, look a certain way, act a certain way, and think a certain way. This then led to a set of deeply set beliefs that create a lot of friction, the older we get, because our soul recognizes that we aren't living in authenticity.

But, how do we change the beliefs that society, religion, childhood, trauma, life experiences, government, our families, etc. instilled in us when most of our thoughts and behaviors related to those beliefs are automatic???

⬆️This is what I've dedicated my career to and what Consciously Unbecoming is all about, mainly because I wanted to stop feeling so unworthy, unloveable, and shameful.

I wanted to get out of my own way. And, the more I learned, the more I was able to take back to my clients to take their healing a step further.

Excited to be able to bring my Shame + Showing Up Authentically Workshop at Practical Magick to our community members.

Snag a ticket ASAP, space is limited.

See ya there!

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Practical Magick, Pearl Street, Essex Junction, VT

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