South Hero Zoning 101

Past event
Nov 30, 2023, 6 to 7 PM

Zoning 101 will resume this Thursday evening, November 30, at 6PM at the South Hero Town Office. Come join us for a bowl of chili, a bit of cornbread, and some scintillating discussion on zoning violations – how to avoid 'em, what to do if you've (inadvertently) created one, what the required procedures by the zoning administrator are, and entertaining stories of some past violations here in your bucolic community and other Vermont towns (sorry – no identities will be divulged). There are some real head-shakers. I'm also looking for suggestions and/or requests for subjects to cover in future classes. So, come on in out of the cold, and join us for an hour or so of lively discussion. See you Thursday.

-Martha Taylor-Varney
South Hero Zoning Administrator

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