Protect for the Unexpected (Small Business Workshop)

Past event
Mar 15, 2023, 12 to 1 PM

Join Mary Capparuccini for this upcoming free and informative virtual workshop.
Wednesday, March 15th.

Plan for the Unexpected:
"As business owners, we often focus on the day-to-day and year-to-year aspects of business planning, but what often gets overlooked are those risks that may be lurking for us down the road. In this interactive workshop, we are going to focus on how to prepare for a disability or illness when you are self-employed, how to plan for the bumps that will come up along the way, and how to prepare for exiting your business".

Hosted by Mercy Connections:
"Mercy Connections meets people where they are to educate and support them to achieve their goals. People come together to nurture connections and build networks, creating opportunities for personal growth. The inclusive entrepreneurship programs at Mercy Connections provide education and access for people traditionally excluded from the business world. Whether you are pursuing a side project, self-employment, or a scalable small business, we are here to help!
Our programs help you plan, launch, and sustain small businesses in Vermont. For over thirty years, these programs have provided women+ with a supportive environment to discuss the realities of work and life, build business knowledge, and explore and create opportunities. "

For more information please visit their site:[...]150

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