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"Count us supporting members with this contribution of $50. FPF helped us find our lost cat, Twyla, connecting us to a neighbor five blocks away who had seen her... within minutes we were reunited! And now we know another neighbor."
Llu Mulvaney-Stanak, Burlington, VT

"We are delighted to support FPF with a contribution. We see first hand the many benefits it brings to our neighborhood and the wider community. It is our pleasure (and responsibility!) to pitch in."
Siobhan Donegan, Burlington, VT

"I decided to have an automatic payment through your website, so that no matter what was going on, I would be supporting FPF the way I want to. FPF is a community service that needs community support. I hope that many of us respond... It will mean we are taking responsibility as a community for our own affairs... pushing ourselves to create a world that we want, with our actions."
Guthrie Smith, Huntington, VT

"FPF has transformed my awareness of what's going on locally, given me a real sense of connection with my neighbors, even in the depths of winter! As soon as I discovered that FPF needed financial support from members, I wanted to contribute."
Jeremy Bull, Burlington, VT

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