FPF Supports Racial Justice

Front Porch Forum is committed to serving as a place where neighbors can actively work toward racial justice. Our mission is to help neighbors connect and build community, and racial justice is essential to community. As such, we hope our platform can serve as a safe place to discuss and engage in this work.

Since FPF's inception in 2000, neighbors have used our free service to build social capital by borrowing ladders, finding lost dogs, recommending mechanics and dentists, and so much more. Through this daily exchange, they often lay the groundwork to successfully tackle harder challenges together. And when those challenges arrive — problems like recovering from a flood or fire, navigating a particularly contentious local vote, or debating how to respond to a pandemic — communities that have a long history of neighborly conversations tend to fare better.

Ultimately, FPF exists to help communities become ever more connected and resilient over time. We are learning that true resilience requires that all members of the community feel included, especially historically marginalized groups of people. We are committed to making Front Porch Forum a space where all are welcome.

Discussions about Race on FPF

Front Porch Forum’s mission is to help neighbors connect and build community at the local level.

FPF’s Terms of Use states: “You agree not to... use Front Porch Forum in a way counter to its community-building mission. Misuse includes, but is not limited to, content that harasses, degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, age, or disability; or economic, housing, or immigration status.”

Racist postings violate FPF’s Terms of Use and will not be published.

Some expressions of racism are obvious; others, less so. We acknowledge that some postings that are published may still be offensive. In publishing them, it is not FPF’s intention to cause harm. Ultimately the tone of each FPF is set by the community. Our hope is that members will engage in thoughtful, meaningful dialogue with each other.

Discussions around race, and racial justice, are challenging. FPF’s mission includes making space for those difficult conversations.

We are all learning. At FPF we are in the process of educating ourselves toward furthering our mission within the context of racial justice. We will make mistakes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Questions or comments?

Feel free to contact us at: membersupport@frontporchforum.com

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