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FPF Member Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my FPF account?

• Go to and click Login.
• Enter the email address used for your FPF account, and your FPF password.
• If you have difficulty logging in, make sure there are no extra spaces in your email address or password, and don’t use auto-fill -- instead, delete contents and carefully re-type.
• If you don't know your password, click to re-set it, and follow the prompts.
• If you still have problems, you may need to clear your web browser cache. Or, you can try using a different web browser or different device/computer.
• If you are logging in from an Android smartphone, try using the Chrome browser, and disabling any anti-virus apps you have installed.

How do I post a message to my Forum?

• Log into your FPF account.
• Click "Compose Posting" and complete the form.
• If you successfully submit your posting, a "Success!" message will appear on your screen.

How do I edit or delete a posting?

Log into your FPF account, click "My Account," then "View My Postings." From there:
• You can edit or delete your posting if it is not yet set for publication.
• If it is already set but not yet published, you can Contact Us with your request.
• Once a posting has been published (sent via email to FPF members) it’s not possible to change or delete it. However, you can click to "close this posting in archive," to alert those searching.

How do I change my password?

• If you’re unable to log in:
- Go to and click Login.
- On the Login page, click the link in the box on the right to reset your password.
• If you’re already logged in successfully, click “My Account,” and then, next to “Password,” click “Edit.”

How do I update the email or street address on my account?

• To change your email and/or street address, go to and log in.
• Once logged in successfully, click "My Account".
• To make changes, under "My Account Details,"
- click "Edit" next to your email address, or
- click "Edit" next to your street address and then "Let me change my street address," and follow the prompts.

How do I change my name on my FPF account?

• Send an email to and include both the name that is currently on your account and the new name as you would like it to appear.

How do I manage my FPF subscription?

If you would like to pause your FPF subscription or log into FPF at your choosing rather than receiving a daily e-newsletter:
• Log into your FPF account, click “My Account” and then “Manage My e-Newsletter Subscriptions.”
• Uncheck the box next to your Neighborhood Forum to stop receiving email updates.
• To resume receiving e-newsletters, log into your account, and re-check the box next to your Forum.

How do I close my FPF account?

• Log into your FPF account.
• On the right side of your screen, click “Close My Account.” Review all of the options first.
• Click “Close my account permanently.”

How come I’m no longer receiving FPF?

If you aren’t receiving your FPF e-newsletters in your inbox, they may be caught in your spam folder, or your email service may be blocking them in a way that you cannot see.

Follow these steps to improve delivery:
• Check your spam filter and "train" it to allow mail from FPF, marking these items as "NOT SPAM."
• Add these email addresses: [your forum name], and to your email contact list.
• As this may indicate a faulty spam filter setting at your email provider, ask them to whitelist the email addresses above.
• Take care NOT to mark email from FPF as spam.

Note that you can find any missed issues in our online archive. Go to and click Login (if not already logged in), then click "Search Archive." Search, or click on an issue to access it.

How do I reply to a posting?

To reply to a posting in your emailed FPF newsletter:
• To respond directly to the author, Click the orange "Email Author" button under the posting (or copy the author's email address from the posting header).
• To submit a message as a posting on your FPF, click the orange "Reply to Forum" button under the posting.

To reply to a posting in the FPF web archive (NOT the emailed version):
• To email the person directly, click the author's name. If this does not work, your device may not be configured to handle “mailto” links. Try this: RIGHT CLICK on the author's name, and select COPY EMAIL ADDRESS, then paste that email address into a new email message.
• To submit your own posting to your FPF, click the "Compose Posting" near the top of the web page.

How do I search the FPF archives?

• Go to and log in, if necessary.
• Click My Account and then click Search Archive.
• Enter search term, select your neighborhood and search.
- Put a search PHRASE in quotation marks to find all postings that contain that exact wording; for example “chainsaw repair”.
- Note that if you just type in “chainsaw”, this will provide you with all postings with the word chainsaw - for sale, repair recommendations, philosophical discussions, etc.

Why must I log into my account every time I visit FPF's website? How do I stay logged in?

You should stay logged in to FPF automatically. If you are not, please try these steps:
• Go to and click Login
• Enter the email address and password used for your FPF account.
• Check the box for "Remember me when I come back" and then click the orange "Log In" button.
• If your web browser asks if you want it to remember the login credentials for this website, select "yes."

If the next time you log into FPF you are not logged in automatically, your web browser might be configured to NOT accept cookies (that's what remembers passwords). You may need to adjust your web browser settings or preferences to allow the browser to remember your FPF login credentials, e.g., by "allowing cookies." If you do not know how to do this, you may want to Google instructions for your specific browser, or contact a computer expert for help.

How do I create a business account to be included in the Business Directory?

FPF is pleased to provide a platform to help local businesses reach their customers. Please go to the following links for more information on our Business Access Plans and how to set up your business account:

Can I have both a business and a personal account on FPF?

Yes – please do! Each FPF account requires a unique email address. Please note:
• With two accounts, you'll need to log out of one before logging into the other.
• Be sure that you’re logged into the right account BEFORE posting; the email address on the account you’re logged into shows at the top right corner of the page.

When will my posting be published?

FPF often publishes postings the evening following submission. However, each FPF Issue is published on an as-needed basis. We work to balance two interests: quick publication, and not flooding inboxes. Date-specific postings are published before the event whenever possible. Please submit your postings at least 48 hours before you'd like members to receive them.

Can I repeat my posting?

FPF readers tend to dislike repetition, so we ask that you not post the same thing over and over. Try posting your item once and then post a follow-up or alternate version a few weeks later. Also, consider asking friends to post on your behalf on their local FPFs.

The most successful Forums include a variety of voices and topics. Please be mindful of other members, and take turns.

Can I post to more FPFs?

Only residents of each FPF area may post messages to their local FPF. We do have a feature, however, that enables you to share postings with members in adjacent areas. This option is the default when you post, via the check-box “Allow neighboring FPFs to see this post” at the bottom of the Compose Posting form.

You are also welcome to ask friends and contacts anywhere in Vermont to post your message on their own forums on your behalf. People are more likely to read postings from nearby neighbors than from distant strangers, so this approach can be very effective.

Can I attach a photo or other file?

FPF does not support attachments or images at this time. Here are some workarounds:
• Post the attachment elsewhere online and provide a link to it in your FPF posting.
• Offer to email the file to any interested neighbor. If your attachment is essentially text, copy and paste that text into the body of your FPF posting directly.

Can I include a link in my posting?

To share a link in your FPF posting, be sure to use the full web address (URL). For example, type out Hyperlinked text will not come through as such.

What can I specify in a housing posting, when seeking a tenant, housemate, or buyer?

In Vermont, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of a tenant’s race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or handicap, presence of minor children, because the tenant receives public assistance, or because of the gender identity of the tenant. FPF has been advised we could be sued for discrimination if we publish postings from our members that violate fair housing laws. When posting a rental, please describe the space available and not the hoped-for renter/buyer. See for more information.

I’m really upset about what someone else posted. May I respond?

Please proceed with caution! Write your piece and let it sit overnight before submitting, or ask someone to read it beforehand. Help keep the tone of your FPF civil and constructive. Singling out a neighbor on FPF -- in the heat of a contentious topic -- typically makes things worse for all involved. We ask that you separate the person from the problem and address the topic, not the neighbor, in your posting.

I had a bad experience with a business. Can I share it on FPF?

While recommending for or against small businesses is common and accepted on FPF, we discourage sharing detailed grievances. We've found that postings that criticize a business in detail can lead to prolonged, unproductive, he-said/she-said arguments on FPF. We suggest simply saying something like "We recently had an unsatisfactory experience with XXXXX. If you'd would like more information, please contact me."

My local FPF is quiet. How do I liven it up?

In many successful FPF neighborhood forums, a small group of local boosters makes all the difference. Give it a shot where you live. First recruit neighbors to sign up, then show them how to make good use of FPF by posting frequently. You’ll find tools and tips here.

I have a different question. What should I do?

We’re eager to help. Contact us here.

More Questions?

For further inquiries, feel free to contact us at: