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Participating Local Officials

These FPF members have added public official titles to their accounts. If you're a public official, you can add/delete your title here. Is the list out of date? Please let us know. Thanks!

Mark Bosma
Dept. of Public Safety, Vermont
Melissa Brown
Treasurer, Newfane
Merle Tessier
Zoning Administrator, Newfane
Luke Stafford
School Board Member, Newfane
Dorothy Maggio
School Board Member, Brookline
Dorothy Maggio
Selectboard Member, Brookline
Emily Long
State Representative, Windham-5
Bob Desiervo
Planning Commision, Townshend
Katie Warchut
Public Health Communication Officer, VT Dept. of Health, Vermont
Kristine Sweeter
Preschool Support Case Manager, Windham Central Supervisory Union
Ellen Darrow
Justice of the Peace, Newfane
Becca Balint
State Senator, Windham District
Carol Hesselbach
Town Clerk, Newfane
Bob Mccandless
Planning Commission Member, Newfane
Ken Estey
Planning Commission Member, Newfane
Guy Tanza
Town Clerk, Brookline
Brattleboro Family Services
Dept for Children and Families, Vermont
Erica Walch
Librarian, Moore Free Library, Newfane
Deborah Luskin
Town Moderator, Newfane
Ross MacDonald
Go! Vermont Manager, AOT, Windsor, Windham Counties
Angela Litchfield Sanborn
Selectboard Member, Newfane
Lynn Forrest
Planning Commission Member, Newfane
Shelly Huber
Selectboard Member, Newfane


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