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Participating Local Officials

These FPF members have added public official titles to their accounts. If you're a public official, you can add/delete your title here. Is the list out of date? Please let us know. Thanks!

Mark Bosma
Dept. of Public Safety, Vermont
Katie Lavallee
Marketing Coordinator, Green Mountain Transit
Becky Jensen
Director, Peacham Library, Peacham
Deidre Palmer
Director, Pope Memorial Library, Danville
Thomas Moore
Selectboard Member, Saint Johnsbury
Laura Abrahamsen
Library Director, Davies Memorial Library, Waterford
Susan Cherry
Planning Commission Chair, St. Johnsbury
Susan Teske
Community Restorative Justice Center, Inc, Saint Johnsbury
Robin Migdelany
Justice of the Peace, Waterford
Jo Guertin
Animal Control Officer, Peacham
Joe Benning
State Senator, Caledonia District
Louis Bushey
School Board Member, Barnet
Annette Lorraine
Selectboard Member, Peacham
Ranny Bledsoe
Superintendent, St. Johnsbury School District, St. Johnsbury
Jim Wuertele
Volunteer Town Energy Coordinator, St. Johnsbury
Melissa Stiebert
Clerk to the Selectboard, Peacham
Kerin Graham Hoffman
Principal, Danville School
Geoffrey Sewake
Planning Commission Chair, Peacham
Robert Ide
Commissioner, Vermont DMV
Adele West-Fisher
Youth Services Librarian, St. Johnsbury
Donna Gaston
Extended Learning Opportunities Program Director, Caledonia Central Supervisory Union
Kevin Oddy
Selectboard Chair, St. Johnsbury
Kevin Oddy
Justice of the Peace, St. Johnsbury
Sharon Muellers
Public Health Communication Officer, VT Dept. of Health, Vermont
Sherry Tolle
Assistant Librarian , Barnet Public Library
David Jacobs
Selectboard Member, Peacham
Shawn Gonyaw
Principal, Barnet School, Barnet
Kellie Merrell
Selectboard Member, Danville
Liz Sargent
Secretary, North Danville Brainerd Memorial Library
Kitty Toll
State Representative, Caledonia-Washington
Maurice Chaloux
Town Moderator, Waterford
Christopher Wenger
School Board Member, St. Johnsbury School District
Eric Bach
Town Health Officer, Danville
Ashley Gray
School Principal, Peacham Elementary School
Tom Ziobrowski
Moderator, Danville
Kim Behr
Design Advisory Committee Member, St. Johnsbury
Mathew Ghafoori
Agent to Convey Real Property, Saint Johnsbury
William Nickerson
Development Review Board Member, St. Johnsbury
Shara Mccaffrey
Librarian, St. Johnsbury Athenaeum Library and Art Gallery
Janssen Willhoit
State Representative, Caledonia-3
Sally Cook
Lister, Barnet
Maurice Roberts
Deputy Health Officer, Justice of the Peace, Barnet
Christopher Mercon
VTRANS NE Traffic Safety Investigator, North Eastern VT AOT Districts 7 and 9
Julie Larrabee
Notary Public, Vermont
Audrey Deprospero
Assistant to Danville Selectboard, Danville
Curtis Larrabee
Notary Public & Celebrant, Caledonia County
Eric Bach
Selectboard Member, Danville
Jeffrey Paquet
Planning Commission Member, Danville
Dan Brownlow
State of VT Division of Fire Safety, Windsor County
Chad Whitehead
Town Manager, St. Johnsbury
Maurice Chaloux
Notary Public, Vermont


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