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Participating Local Officials

These FPF members have added public official titles to their accounts. If you're a public official, you can add/delete your title here. Is the list out of date? Please let us know. Thanks!

Wes Clark
Mayor, Village of Argyle
Cher McCotter
Village Trustee, Argyle
Joanne McDowell
Village Trustee, Argyle
Bob Henke
Town Supervisor, Argyle
Jonathan MacKenzie
Village Trustee, Argyle
Joseph Lohret
Village Trustee, Argyle
Joyann Stimpson
Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Argyle
Shelley McKernon
Town Clerk, Argyle
Hannah Stahl
Director, Argyle Free Library


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This Front Porch Forum is open to residents within the town of Argyle, New York, and the Argyle Central School District.