Spring Sale - Berry Bushes, Fruit/Nut Trees & More

Emily Johnson • emmerjohnson@hotmail.com

When: Apr 10, 2021 to 7:00 PM, Apr 16, 2021

Hello from Ember Hill Farm - Moretown, VT -

Starting Saturday, April 10th, we'll be around most days from 10am til sunset (unless our CLOSED sign is displayed). For best results, please reach out via text/cell 802-989-0570 to reserve plants, confirm we are here/or not too busy, have questions, or to arrange a specific time to visit either during (or outside of) these hours.* *Please drive slowly** when in the neighborhood, park along the road & enjoy the short walk. Please keep children close to you. And please wear masks when at close range to others. Thanks!

While we are well stocked, we encourage reservations for anything we offer. Our largest, field-grown berry bushes and trees are also available...(advance notice/purchase recommended) including larger blueberry, currant (black, red, white) and elderberry bushes, fruit trees and more... for pick up and/or delivery starting April 10. Our very largest plants are a great option if you are hungry for your very own harvest this coming season. Please contact us via email, text/cell or message us to start an order.

We offer plants of all ages and sizes, including potted, balled & burlapped (b&b) & "bare-root" options. Our "bare-root" plants and trees feature minimal soil around the roots, will save 25%+ & are only available in spring/fall.

PLANT LIST & MORE INFO: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iEUiIyv2c5nKwhiP0c3Vc--Kcg1t2JuFQrr7btM4N2Q/edit?usp=sharing

We are also available on a limited basis for landscape/garden site consultations, installation guidance & basic design/site-mapping work. Our basic site-visit (up to 1 hour) will help you make sense of what you have to work with, and explore options for moving forward successfully.

Please mention this post for at least 5% off your purchase in April

Brian Mohr & Emily Johnson
Ember Hill Farm
Ember Photography
514 Howes Rd - Moretown, VT
cell/text 802-989-0570
email: emberhillfarm@gmail.com
web: www.facebook.com/emberhillfarm

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