Asylum-Seekers Assistance Network Meeting Via Zoom

Devena Fifield •

When: Oct 6, 2020, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Please join us to celebrate our year of supporting asylum- seekers in our communities! You will hear updates, participate in Q&A, and learn about the on-going need for donations, and what you can do to help local asylum-seekers.

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Questions - text or call Jan 802-488-4041

Who we are
Chittenden Asylum-Seekers Assistance Network: "CASAN" began when volunteers came together to aid a local mother and child going through the legal process of seeking asylum in our country.
Asylum seekers, unlike refugees, are not allowed to receive many kinds of government assistance, nor are they are allowed to work until reaching a certain point in the application process. CASAN supports the family with food, living expenses, and housing until they can become financially independent.
We also work with several local organizations to aid other asylum-seeking families.

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