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Participating Local Officials

These FPF members have added public official titles to their accounts. If you're a public official, you can add/delete your title here. Is the list out of date? Please let us know. Thanks!

Heidi Conger
Office Manager, Mount Mansfield Union High School
Mark Bosma
Dept. of Public Safety, Vermont
Debbie Ingram
State Senator, Chittenden District
Kristine Caldwell
Youth Librarian, Deborah Rawson Memorial Library, Jericho/Underhill
Jamie L. Smith
Marketing and Public Affairs Manager, Green Mountain Transit
Jessica Alexander
Town Clerk, Jericho
Holly Hall
Director, D. Rawson Memorial Library, Jericho and Underhill
Andy Dumas
Mobbs Committee Member, Jericho
George Till
State Representative, Chittenden-3
Tim Nulty
Selectboard Member, Jericho
Harry Schoppmann Iii
Duty Officer, Underhill-Jericho Fire Dept., Jericho and Underhill
Joe O'Brien
Trustee, JU Water District, Underhill, Underhill Flats
Livy Strong
Chairperson, Jericho Underhill Park District, Mills Riverside Park
Todd Odit
Town Administrator, Jericho
W. Tate Brannan
Recreation Committee Member, Jericho
Phyl Newbeck
Chair, Jericho Energy Task Force , Jericho and Underhill
Mike Longevin
Deputy Sheriff, Chittenden County
Lisa Buckton
Library Director, Jericho Town Library
Paula Carrier
Administrative Assistant, Jericho
James Massingham
Board of Trustees, Jericho Underhill Park District, Jericho and Underhill
Andrew Pond
Alise Certa
Marketing & Communications Manager, Chittenden Solid Waste District
Nan Campbell
Treasurer, Browns River Action Group, Underhill & Jericho
John Abbott
Chair, Jericho Trails Committee, Jericho
Marc Maheux
Chief System Operator, Jericho Underhill Water District, Jericho & Underhill
Katie Warchut
Public Health Communication Officer, VT Dept. of Health, Vermont
Richard Bernstein, M.D
Town Health Officer, Jericho
Trevor Squirrell
State Representative, Chittenden-3
Karina Dailey
Conservation Commissioner, Jericho
Jason Cheney
Planning Commission Chair, Jericho
Donna Malinowski
Assistant Clerk, Jericho Village
Christopher Pearson
State Senator, Chittenden District
Andrea Sandy
Administrative Assistant, MMUUSD
Edye Graning
School Board Member, MMMU School District
Connell Gallagher
Board of Trustees, Deborah Rawson Memorial Library, Underhill/Jericho
Lisa Buckton
Assistant Town Clerk, Jericho
Chris Smith
Mobbs Committee Member, Jericho
Tim Ashe
State Senator, Chittenden District
Ginny Lyons
State Senator, Chittenden District
Michael Sirotkin
State Senator, Chittenden District
Lori Dykema
Listers and Assessor Office, Jericho
Louise Rosales
Town Service Officer, Jericho
Sarah Macleod
Planning Commission Member, Jericho
Tom Dowd
Board of Trustees, Jericho Town Library
Mathew Champlin
Chief, Underhill Jericho Fire Department, Underhill, Jericho
Marcy Gibson
Treasurer, Board of Trustees, Jericho Underhill Park District
Pat Waite
Treasurer , Jericho Town Library
Katherine Sonnick
Town Planner, Jericho
Tom Baribault
Conservation Commissioner, Jericho
Beth Seniw
Board Chair, Jericho Town Library
Lisa Paone
Secretary, Jericho Elementary School
Don Tobi
Tree Warden, Jericho and Underhill
Burlington Family Services
Dept for Children and Families, Vermont
Susan Lillich
School Board Member, Mount Mansfield Modified Unified Union School District
Skye Ellicock
Library Assistant, Jericho Town Library
Emma Vaughn
Communications Manager, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Elisabeth Lehr
Board of Trustees, Deborah Rawson Memorial Library, Underhill/Jericho
Pete Davis
Chair, Mobbs Farm Committee, Jericho
Erik Van Eck
Program Assistant, Deborah Rawson Memorial Library, Jericho, Underhill
Bert Lindholm
Chairman, Jericho Cemetery Committee
Erik Glitman
Planning Commission Member, Jericho
Daniel Currier
Go! Vermont Manager, AOT, Chittenden, Franklin, Lamoille, Grand Isle, Addison Counties
Michael Chiarella
Director of Operations, Richmond Rescue
Chuck Lacy
School Board Member, CESU/MMMUSD
Andrea De La Bruere
VITL for Dept. of VT Health Access, Vermont


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