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Consider this Member Posting about FPF Ads...

Ads on FPF, Thank Goodness It’s Not Big Tobacco!
From Grant, a Burlington neighborhood FPF member

Hello everyone, I would like to highlight the type of ads we see on FPF. Lately, I’ve seen these:

1. Call to Artists on FPF: Make Music Day!
2. Asthma Research Study - Seeking Research Participants
3. Join Us for a Pop-Up Open House at Champlain College Online
4. Celebrate Your Team! Bluebird Barebecue Catering
5. Parents: Talk With Your Children About Marijuana
6. Up to $1000 Off a New Wood or Pellet Stove!
7. Missed Drug Take-Back Day? No Sweat!
8. Celebrate 35 Years of Free Speech!
9. Zumba on Deck – Waterfront Dance Party

Obviously this is not all the ads on FPF, just a small sample. However, I want to point out the type of ads they are.

1. For local businesses
2. For great causes
3. To help make your life better
4. To help make other people’s lives better
5. Positive
6. Transparent
7. Open and inviting to all
8. Responsible
9. Fun

We all understand what advertising is for. I for one very much appreciate what FPF is, and that I can be a part of it for no cost at all. Kinda like VPR. I need to be clear: I don’t have $ to pay for either one, so I don’t mind the ads. Even more to the point, the ads are for good things. I don’t buy anything, but I appreciate that businesses are out there doing great stuff, helping the community, and creating a stronger local economy.

Thanks for reading another one of my crazy posts, cheers!

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