FPF Paid Campaign Postings

Running for office? Working on a campaign?

Reach voters where they engage about local issues! Invest inan FPF Paid Campaign Posting today.

Join Front Porch Forum discussions in your choice of towns and neighborhoods. This is an excellent opportunity for elections (this is different than FPF's standard advertising or Business Access Plans).

Members turn to FPF to learn more about candidates and ballot issues. See examples of what members have shared, here.

You pick:

1. Your towns/neighborhoods
2. Dates*
3. Numberof rounds

Samples: 1 round of postings in...

• all 251 VT towns → 230,000 inboxes
• all of Chittenden Co → 76,000 inboxes
• all of Burlington → 20,000 inboxes
• all of Washington Co. → 36,495 inboxes
• all of Addison Co. → 18,433 inboxes
• all of So. Burlington → 8,520 inboxes
• all of Essex/Essex Jct → 8,349 inboxes
• all of Colchester → 5,366 inboxes
• any other VT towns
• ask your FPF sales rep. for a customized set of towns/neighborhoods

How it works:
Your Paid Campaign Posting will be included among postings by neighbors (rather than in the ad section) and be labeled as a paid submission. See a sample Paid Campaign Posting.

Please provide your FPF sales rep. with a brief headline and posting (1,000 characters max., including spaces). Your message can appear in up to 2 issues per week in each of the selected FPF neighborhood/town forums. Pick multiple rounds to increase impact (max. 2 rounds/week). Volume discounts are available.

Also, put your supporters to work... ask each one to post on your behalf to their own FPF (this is free!). All are welcome to join their FPF at FrontPorchForum.com. In many towns, more than half of the households participate on FPF. More than 230,000 of the most community-minded Vermonters use FPF, in a state of 270,000 households. Get them talking about your campaign today via FPF! For more details on how to use FPF during election season, see FPF Terms of Use No. 19.

*Exact publication dates are not guaranteed. PCPs will publish within 2-3 days of preferred publishing date. Deadline to purchase a PCP is the Friday before election day (pending availability), for a publication date no later than the Saturday before election day.

Advertising Questions?

Our Advertising Specialists James, Jodi, Wendy, and Brian are ready to assist.

Contact the FPF Advertising Team

For questions about posting to your neighborhood forum visit the FPF Help Center.