FPF Ad Guidelines

FPF Ad Guidelines

All FPF ads are the same size and must meet these guidelines:

AD HEADLINE: 50 characters maximum, including spaces
AD BODY: 250 characters maximum, including spaces
CALL-TO-ACTION BUTTON TEXT: 30 characters maximum, including spaces (e.g. "Learn More," "Apply Today," "Visit Our Website," etc.)
URL: The specific web page you want to link to the button

NOTE: Ads that contain the business name tend to perform better and attract less suspicion.

Here's a handy character counting tool: www.charactercountonline.com/

What makes a successful ad?

A catchy headline and good timing are key. Here are a few other elements that seem to attract our members' attention:

  • opportunities to save money
  • event announcements
  • environmental action
  • surveys & studies seeking participants
  • real estate listings
  • job announcements
  • buy-local messages
  • unique staycation ideas
  • home improvement offers
  • and many other topics!


Our Advertising Specialists James, Jodi, Kristin, and Wendy are ready to assist.

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