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Neighbors Are Talking! Get Your Business Connected with FPF Advertising

How do FPF ads work?

Every day we publish hundreds of thousands of forum issues via mobile, web and email; each filled with neighborhood news. Your message can reach all of Vermont, or you can target hand-picked towns. Tell us where and when and we'll deliver your message! Ads appear between member postings in the body of the FPF newsletter.

Running for office? Working on a campaign? Then you should check out FPF's Paid Campaign Posting option.

Simply want to post on your local FPF e-newsletter and appear in the FPF Business Directory? Click here to learn about free or paid FPF Business and Nonprofit Plans.

What do I get?

• Geo-targeted advertising
• Click tracking and reporting
• Customized package to fit your marketing needs
• Presence in daily neighborhood-level conversations
• Connections with consumers who care about community

See what kind of response FPF can deliver...

FPF has hundreds of advertisers and many of them are repeat customers. Here is what some of them have to say:

“Front Porch Forum feels like the quintessential Vermont social media. It’s truly rooted in the community and provides the perfect platform for reaching Vermonters in an engaging and meaningful way. We continue to invest in FPF outreach because we’ve seen it work, time and time again. We can’t recommend it highly enough.” - Shane Rogers, Farm to Plate Communications Manager

"We've had 92 email subscribers on the FPF list in just 2 days! I'd say the ad is working so far!" -Amanda Cashin, Marketing Director, Lenny's Shoe & Apparel

Don't take our word for it... See More Advertiser Testimonials!

Act today!

Our limited ad inventory sells out quickly so book now to get your preferred dates. Ads run by the week, Sunday to Saturday. Inquiries? Wendy or Jodi are ready to assist: or 802-540-0069 x1.

Wait... What is Front Porch Forum?

Haven't heard of FPF before? See how 200,000+ members are using it across Vermont. Check out this brief overview from our partners at the Vermont Council on Rural Development for a primer on how people use Front Porch Forum.

*FPF charges a cancellation fee of $75 flat, or 10% of the total order, whichever is greater. The advertiser is also expected to pay for any ads that ran before the cancellation.

Want Ad Rates?

To learn more about advertising your business on FPF please contact Wendy, James, or Jodi at or 802-540-0069 x1. Thank you!

To simply submit a posting to your local FPF (e.g., car for sale, apt. for rent, yard sale), just click LOGIN (if not already logged in), then click COMPOSE POSTING. Visit the FPF Help Center for answers to any questions.

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