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Front Porch Forum offers a trusted platform for businesses and nonprofits to connect with Vermonters. We have 220,000 FPF members across the state and publish 1.3 million newsletters every week!

Businesses are encouraged to join Front Porch Forum and post independently on a limited basis in their home forum. Learn more about our free and paid business plans.

For businesses interested in reaching an audience beyond their home forum, FPF offers Paid Advertising. Each forum newsletter contains 3 paid ads interspersed among member postings. They look like short postings, so they do get read!

Here's a sample paid ad and advertiser testimonial:

"Placing Paid Ads on Front Porch Forum has been by far the best source to drum up business! Better than, Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages in print and online and a 16,000-piece mailer. Will be in touch soon about more ads!" Alisa Anderson, Three Mountain Roofing

Ad Information:

The minimum ad buy is 20,000 ad impressions. The cost of a campaign depends on geography, membership and frequency. Campaigns always run Sunday through Saturday in a percentage of the newsletters we publish each day. The deadline is always the Thursday before the campaign starts, but best to reserve space in advance, especially in Chittenden County ad regions as they often sell out 3-4 weeks in advance.

LEARN MORE about Paid Advertising on Front Porch Forum:


James, Jodi, Kristin, and Wendy are ready to assist. Click the button below or you can leave us a voicemail at 802-540-0069 x1.

Contact the FPF Sales Team

*FPF charges a cancellation fee of $75 flat, or 10% of the total order, whichever is greater. The advertiser is also expected to pay for any ads that ran before the cancellation.


James, Jodi, Kristin, and Wendy are ready to assist.

Contact the FPF Sales Team

To simply submit a posting to your local FPF (e.g., car for sale, apt. for rent, yard sale), just click LOGIN (if not already logged in), then click COMPOSE POSTING. Visit the FPF Help Center for answers to any questions.

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