Front Porch Forum

FPF Now Available in Every Vermont Town!

Live in Vermont?  Join your town's FPF today!

What's new?

Front Porch Forum has been going strong in dozens of Vermont neighborhoods and towns... and as of September 2013 it's available across the entire state!  Join today!  Check out FPF's coverage area.

FPF helps neighbors connect and build community by hosting regional networks of online neighborhood forums.  People use FPF to find lost dogs, report car break-ins, recommend plumbers, borrow ladders, discuss local current events, announce yard sales and public meetings, and much more.  And this is all done with clearly identified nearby neighbors.

A special thanks to the Vermont Digital Economy Project of the Vermont Council on Rural Development for their vision and support in bringing FPF  to every single Vermont community.  Read VCRD's announcement.

Recent reporting about FPF

FPF's expansion is in the news.  See links below and our Media page.

Spread the word!   

Tell your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and other contacts who might be interested about this service.  Use email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, texting, etc.  Send them to  Also, download your FPF's flyer and pass it around.  When logged in, you can find it on your My Neighborhood Forum page. Check out other tips here.

We're expanding to other areas in the coming months.  Sign up or join our waitlist.