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Participating Local Officials

These FPF members have added public official titles to their accounts. If you're a public official, you can add/delete your title here. Is the list out of date? Please let us know. Thanks!

John Fulton
Cemetery Commissioner, Moretown
Jay Pilliod
Town Energy Coordinator, Moretown
Mark Bosma
Dept. of Public Safety, Vermont
Katie Mischke
Marketing Coordinator, Green Mountain Transit
Karen Horn
Planning Commission Member, Moretown
Rita Larocca
Auditor, Moretown
Rae Washburn III
Selectboard Member, Moretown
Peter Langella
School Board Member, HUUSD, Moretown
Adam Greshin
State Representative, Washington-7
John Weir
Zoning Administrator, Moretown
Craig Eilers
Delinquent Tax Collector, Town of Moretown
Joshua Schwartz
Executive Director, Mad River Valley Planning District
David Tremblay
Justice of the Peace, Moretown, VT
Duane Pierson
Principal, Moretown School, Moretown
Stephen Magill
Justice of the Peace, Moretown
Cory Stephenson
Librarian, Moretown Memorial Library, Moretown
Maxine Grad
State Representative, Washington-7
Eric Howes
Fire Warden, Moretown
Karen Sharpwolf
Chair, Moretown Memorial Library Board of Trustees, Moretown
Dara Torre
Planning Commission Member, Moretown
Mary Murphy
Cemetery Commissioner, Moretown
Gillian Morgan
Public Health Communication Officer, VT Dept. of Health, Vermont
Cherilyn Brown
Town Clerk & Treasurer, Moretown
Ann Cummings
State Senator, Washington District
Kathryn O'neill
School Board Member, Moretown
Gabriel Gilman
School Board Member; Act 46 Study Committee Chair, Moretown; WWSU
Shane Grace
Animal Control Officer, Moretown
Meg Allison
Chair, Moretown Memorial Library Board of Trustees , Moretown
Anthony Pollina
State Senator , Washington District
WEC Energy Coach
Washington Electric Co-op, WEC Area
Tom Martin
Selectboard Chair, Moretown
Stefan Pratt
Fire Warden, Moretown


This Front Porch Forum is open to residents of the town of Moretown, Vermont.